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回顾一下所有 highlight 的地方。都是细节。I’m now too scatter minded to string two thoughts together.

Cassian 接到 Draven 的暗杀命令之后的reasoning。战争显得更加复杂真实:

Cassian suspected she wanted a Senate hearing not because she thought it would work, but because she felt obligated to try.

Cassian admired Mothma. Galen Erso’s assassination would free her from obligation of a doomed peace effort.

Bodhi 被 Saw 手下虐待。努力改变世界和变成坏人之间真的是一条 fine line。从小被人笑话“难道你想要天下大乱吗”的我永远会被这样的内容触动。同时又在想,Saw 的手下是不是很多是这样的人。。。

Instead, these were the rebels the Empire had always warned of: the murderers, the criminals and terrorists who conceded their viciousness in a patriotic wrapping.

电影里 Tarkin 第一次出现的时候是背对着我们的。看的时候只想到是在 tease 我们。

Behind Krennic came an escort of his personal troops; an intimidation tactic lost on Tarkin as he stared out a viewport toward the massive Death Star battle station.

电影里 Galen 对 Jyn 说:“Stardust, don’t ever change.” 这句在小说里有 context,感觉更有意义了:

“Why do people fight?” she asked …

“That’s a good question,” he said. “My friend Orson says some people just fight because they’re angry. But I think-” He stopped talking and half closed his eyes. The voices in the other room continued. “I think, usually, people are unhappy, and they don’t agree how to make things better.”

Jyn watched her father, tried to tell what he thought of that idea. “Maybe they’d agree if they stopped fighting first?”

… “Stardust, don’t ever change.”

下面这段是 supplemental data 里,帝国公务邮件里 Tarkin 写给 Krennic 的。我当时就想,这么晚还提需求,对项目不好啊。但我没当真,就当是作者随便写了一句来显示 Tarkin 欺负 Krennic。没想到很后面有 Galen 写邮件以这个为理由加入了对 reactor core 的修改。所以 Tarkin 被炸归根结底是他自己太晚改需求:)

The battle station is certainly not symbolic, meant only to demonstrate the Empire’s might in ceremonial planetary executions. The main weapon must be built to fire repeatedly within a short span as it might during the course of a single fleet battle.

K2 摔了 Jyn 给他的包是印象很深的场景:)没想到小说里很自然地给这件小事一个发生的理由:

Jyn turned back to the city and the valley, trying to guess at the distance they’d need to cover. You overpacked, she decided, and tossed her satchel to K-2SO.

Jyn 一开始一直恨父亲,因为他为了帝国抛弃了她,要么是罪大莫及的战犯要么是无法反抗的懦夫。因为后来完全是父亲的遗愿驱动她的行动,所以总体来说你很难体会到她对父亲的反感。但是这种细节可以:

“My father,” she eventually said, and it tasted less bitter than she expected. “He said they powered the Jedi’s lightsabers.”

Jyn 见到 Saw 的时候解释说是义军联盟派我来的。然后 Saw 很短的反应同时点明了他的多疑和 Draven 的毫不留情,让人遐想。

Who sent you?” he asked, as if he’d caught her at a lie. “Was it Draven?”

Cassian 也有很多心理活动。他对 Jyn 的态度很值得玩味。遇到 Bodhi 之后,他就知道他可以不管 Jyn 了,带着她只会妨碍他执行暗杀任务。小说里发现,他需要更多理由。同时也显示了 Jyn 的个人 charisma。

Maybe it was the need he’d seen in Jyn, the fire that had carried her through the fighting in the Holy Quarter. It seemed obscene to leave that need unanswered, abandoned to the dust.

小说里当然还有更多 Jyn 对 Saw 的想法。如果说电影有弱点的话,我是觉得 Saw 可以更好的。他毕竟已经有很多历史了,而且和 Jyn 也有关系。然而大概因为 Saw 最初是 Lucas 设想的角色,而 Lucas 又是出奇直白的作者,所以 Saw 也注定是一个有点 sterotype 的角色。(然而我 get!Saw 拔掉气管的那里我总是被煽到。)下面是 Jyn 见 Saw 的时候的心理活动。我觉得电影其实可以通过 Jyn 更多表现一下 Saw 的层次的。

For years, she had anticipated, fantasized about confronting him; picked hurtful words and braced herself for the wrath of the first, last, and only true warrior to stand against the Empire.

Saw 说 Jyn 的话,让人想 Jyn 过去是怎样的。也许新宣布的小说会说到。

“You were the best soldier in my cadre,” Saw hissed. “Not because of your skill, but because you believed.”

再回到帝国。Tarkin 要求 Krennic 准备好向 Jedha 开火,Krennic 怀疑了半天 Tarkin 的真实动机,是不是已经搞好了破坏等看他出洋相?Krennic 得出的结论是,如果成功 Tarkin 会揽功,如果失败他会怪在 Krennic 头上。然而,Tarkin 现场要求只炸一个城市,Krennic 完全没料到,又一次被气死了。(又是一个比电影层次多的细节,电影的确不适合表现这么微妙。。。)

Krennic tugged at his gloves, felt sweat on his palms as his ire grew. His assessment of Tarkin had been incomplete: The old man was hedging against both success and failure, ensuring that even a perfect performance would be unspectacular at best.

Galen’s message 里有这么一段。他离开女儿的时候她才8,9岁,也许从小能看到老是真的。同时又点到 Lyra。

“I assume logically, rationally, that you fight with the Rebellion. It’s difficult to imagine Saw steering you any other way, and you always had the same anger-” He smiled for a second time. Here it was unforced, without self-mockery or bitterness. “- the same insistent sense of righteousness as your mother.”

在 Jedha 收到离开通知的暴风兵,其中一个随口问了一下他的长官为什么要离开。很喜欢这段。call me political correctness jerk, but I love to see a female stormtrooper – it’s lacking in the movie. 另外这也和 Jyn 骂 Cassian 和暴风兵没两样有呼应。

“I don’t,” JN-093 said, though she doubted she would have told Two if she did know. He was a stormtrooper; he should’ve known better than to ask.

小说里提到了 disruptor beams。

More K2 candy:

“There you are! I’m standing by as you ordered. Though there is a problem on the horizon.”

“What problem?” Cassian spat.

“There is no horizon. On a positive note, I may have found our planet killer.”

Bodhi 的心理活动也总是很好看,提醒你R1 crew里每个人的经历和性格都不一样。

Then he was running, chasing after Baze and Chirrut and praying that he had found his salvation at last – found the welcome Galen Erso had promised him when he had said to seek out the Rebellion, to make amends.

一小段让人会心一笑的描写,义军通讯员 Weems 向 Draven 将军报告 Cassian 从 Jedha 发来的消息:

Weems read in the deliberate tone of a man pretending not to see what he was seeing. “‘Weapon confirmed. Jedha City destroyed. Mission target located on Eadu. Please advise.'”

小说里好几次说到 Jyn 看见 Cassian 的表情变了,切换到 spy 模式。从 Jedha 逃出来后,Jyn 说我们可以摧毁死星时:

The tension in Cassian’s expression dissipated as he donned his spy’s face, his innocently cerebral face.


K-2, Cassian knew, would gladly subdue Jyn Erso and lock her somewhere safe. If the Guardians of the Whills hadn’t been aboard, Cassian might have been tempted to try.


(Captain Vienaris) “Short version: We’re in striking range, but if the Empire’s begun to evacuate we won’t catch them. Best case, Blue Squadron arrives just in time to see the Imperials jump out.”

So Galen Erso was still onsite. The planet killer might not die with him, but – if Erso really was responsible for its main weapon – it would be a hell of a lot harder to keep operational after he was gone.

“Squadron up,” Draven said. “Target Eadu. We must take out Galen Erso if we have the chance.”

(Nioma) “Do you have authorization?” she asked. “A full-scale attack on a major Imperial installation…”


Which one second left until total shutdown, K-2SO chose to mentally simulate an impossible scenario in which Cassian Andor escaped alive.

The simulation pleased him.


Maybe it was his fault for not suggesting an infiltration of the orbital gate station. Maybe he’d explained the planet’ defenses poorly to Jyn and Cassian and the soldiers, hurrying through it all in the excitement of the flight to Scarif. Maybe he should’ve been up there instead of down here.

一个小细节为什么要准备escape pods:

The Tantive IV might jump out of the system, but it was hurt and it would be pursued. Best not to take chances.

Mon Mothma对Jyn的回忆:

… the young woman whose fervor captivated so many. … I expected she could be persuaded (by which I suppose I meant manipulated) into helping us, and that in doing so we might help her, too. But the woman I met at Base One could not be manipulated. There are a very few people whose will and ferocity are so great that they pull other people in their wake. …