Econ Talk – Alchemy

今晚听了前几周的一期Econ Talk。Alchemy也是嘉宾的书的标题。如果这个标题是想引起我们的兴趣去看为什么有人正经在说炼金术,那么对我而言是失败了,我下好了那一期之后就一直没听,直到今晚我没动我的播放列表就让它自己播放了。听了以后才发现里面有不少有趣的主意。但是我现在只记得一个地方。


Are markets partly intelligent because human decision-making is messy, and markets can then aggregate preferences from a whole bunch of people who’ve come up with problems from a different angle? When you actually make choice uniform by dint of forcing everybody to go through the same set of questions in the same order, do you actually make markets stupider–because the distortions of the question-asking process become more and more widespread?


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